EFKs / LED & Electronic Fly Units

These are electric fly killers which will be supplied by a professional, licensed pest controller.  We will also recommend the best location for best possible results in the attraction of flying insects. All of Wicklow Pest Controls’ EFKs have a unique feature and are designed to be of hygienic and meet all legal, health and safety requirements. Our units use a unique encapsulation technology or glue board unit to capture and kill the flying insects. EFKs are suitable for a wide range of environments. All fly control units should be serviced on a regular basis, shatter – proof tubes we recommended them to be changed every twelve months.

With over thirty-six years’ experience in the pest control industry, given our expert advice and an insight into the specific fly control issues of a wide range of different industries. Our experts can advise you on the right solution for your business.

Most fly infestations carry a very serious threat, as they spread dangerous germs due to the nature of their unhygienic eating habits. Some of the diseases that are carried by flying insects include most importantly Salmonella and E. coli. These fly killers are suitable for internal use in many sectors such as: catering, restaurants, hospitality, leisure facilities.

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