EFK Fly Control Units

How to Choose the Right EFK Fly Control Units

EFK – Electric Fly Killer

These are electric fly killers which will be supplied by a professional, licensed pest controller.  We will also recommend the best location for the best possible results in the attraction of these flying insects along with other flying insects. All Wicklow Pest Controls EFK fly killers have a unique feature and are designed to be hygienic and meet all legal, health, and safety requirements. Our units use a unique encapsulation technology or glue board unit to capture and kill the flying insects. EFK fly killers are suitable for a wide range of environments. All fly control units should be serviced on a regular basis, shatterproof tubes we recommended to be changed every twelve months.

Choosing the best Fly Unit for your environment

All our fly units are effective and reliable UV fly killers. Wicklow Pest Control will aid you in choosing the right unit for your specific needs based on which environment the unit will be going to.


These units are typically designed for kitchens, hospitality, and retailers. We often place these units in food preparations or where food is openly displayed.  Wicklow Pest Control has the latest technology in stainless steel fly units, often recommended for wet areas in production and food preparation areas.

The Latest Discreet Fly Units for the Front of the House

Units are ideal for cafes, bars, newsagents and reception areas, and any front house lobbies these units can be wall mounted or stand-alone and we will recommend the best location for achieving good fly control practice. All our fly control units come with safety, shatterproof tubes – in compliance with the Food and Safety Act.

Also, know more about EFKs / LED & Electronic Fly Units. Please contact us for more information!

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