Ant ControlBlack Garden Ants

Black garden ants are not known for carrying any major diseases, however if you knew where they were you might think twice. They may carry bacteria from outdoor sources, in and around drains and sewers, which may be further carried through homes and businesses.

Did you know that ants can climb easily up onto work surfaces, in and around fridges and freezers, looking for sugar related foods? This means that if ants are crawling over any items of food, you will have to throw them away because the risk of contamination is a direct threat to your health which should be taken seriously.

Ant ControlHouse Keeping

House keeping is very important to avoid food stuffs being contaminated. Make sure all food and drink packages are sealed and safely stored, making sure spillage is cleaned up and no sticky residues or left-over crumbs. Maintaining high standards of hygiene in the kitchen, staff canteen and dinging areas is essential to control ant related issues.

As working ants will always be drawn to sugar and sweet things, so avoid leaving these types of food out.

The potential health issues and the mounting costs of food stuffs being disregarded are the main reasons why you should call a professional pest control company, to deal with your infestation sooner rather than later.

Ant ControlSpecialist Ant Control Measures

Pest prevention is always better than cure. The longer you leave an ant problem the harder it will become to get rid of seasonal ants completely. We advise you to get help as soon as you notice a presence of an ant colony in or around your house during the months from March through to August especially.

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