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This insect gets its name from its silver colour and how it has similar shape and movement of that of a fish. Silverfish love to get comfortable in your home and workplace such as areas like your bathroom and attics, as they love moist humid conditions. Their damage may go unnoticed by homeowners as they are good at hiding their presence in your home. As they feed on mould, fungi and carbohydrates, their damage can range from your food to your wallpaper!

Silverfish ControlProfessional Help

Silverfish are not harmful to humans as they are not known to bite humans or carry disease, however the damage done by these insects can be harmful to your furnishings. Common reported damage caused by silverfish is the lifting of tiles in bathrooms and in kitchens, as they will make themselves at home in the plaster board. Even spotting one silverfish could indicate a sign of infestation and we at Wicklow Pest Control would recommend you call a professional to stop any infestation from spreading.

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