Hazard Analysis Critical Control PointsCommercial Pest Control Service Agreement

All our service contracts are tailor made to your business requirements. Our specifications and contracts are designed to maintain pest free working environment in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)


  • All commercial pest control customers receive a free risk assessment site survey. This survey will outline the nature of your pest control needs and we will submit advice, recommendations and quotation following our survey.
  • Should you require our services in dealing with any pest related issues, we will then formulate a service agreement contract in setting up a pest management programme, this will include regular site visits by a fully trained service technician with a PMU licence.
  • Depending on our recommendations and specification, we will set up a reporting system and will provide you with an inspection action report on each visit by our technician, detailing checked locations, actions and observations carried out. We will always give our professional recommendations to improve, housekeeping and proofing measures and basic hygiene to make your site less appealing to pests.
  • Our service is professional and discreet service should you require you require a pest management system for auditing purposes.

over three decades of experienceIndustries We Cover

Wicklow Pest Control have over three decades of experience in providing professional, secure pest management solutions to a wide range of industries. We offer our customers a pest management programme to protect from damage and bad company image naming just a few.
Property Management
Wicklow Pest Control can help you to achieve pest control solutions at any property you manage, from residential buildings, retails spaces or an office. As we know landlords need to take care of their tenants, we always provide a friendly and safe quality of pest control.
Ensuring high morale and a good atmosphere is important in a place of work. Controlling pest issues maintains a good atmosphere. We will help to get rid of pests and help you maintain a pest free environment for your staff.
Schools & Colleges
You can be assured you are receiving a safe service from us at Wicklow Pest Control. Our technicians use lockable, tamperproof bait stations to conceal the rodenticide from spillage, ensuring the safety of children and students.
Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Medical Centres
It is essential that all healthcare sectors maintain a pest free environment, to be following the Food Safety Authority and HIQA guidelines. Along with keeping good atmospheres for places of work, it is essential for places to stay too. A pest infestation causes further distress which can be avoided with recommendations we will provide.
Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Food & Retail Processing
All food businesses from manufacturing and distribution to food stores, public houses, restaurants, and kitchens, are all required to comply with government regulations regarding pest control. Good housekeeping of food preparation areas is essential for keeping pests at bay. Pest Control is important to ensure you business passes Health and Safety Inspections, keeping customers satisfied and healthy.
Warehouse & Storage
Warehouses are at risk of hosting various types of pest activity, from products to pallets, many different source suppliers, couriers, and containers. Consequently, the potential for a pest infestation to get established is quite high. Warehouses that handle food are particularly at risk of an infestation, from rodents, and insects, to stored product insects. With many warehouses being audited it’s essential to set up a pest management prevention programme to protect your warehouse.