Mice Pest Control

There are two types of mice that can cause problems in your home - the House Mouse (Mus Domesticus) and the Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

MiceThe House Mouse

The house mouse is the common pest in urban environments, although field mice can also be a problem when temperatures drop.  Mice are much smaller than rats and are a light grey or brown colour. An adult mouse is an average, including its tail, of 7 and a half inches in length, whereas a rat can grow to be as large as 18 inches.

A mice infestation can increase in size very fast as mice are capable of reproducing themselves at 6 weeks and breed all year round.

A mice infestation is not one to take lightly as they can cause a lot of stress in your home. They will cause damage, contaminate food, spread diseases, and will build nests. A mouse infestation will not go away on its own. Mice can live at least two years when in an environment they enjoy with a food and water supply.

MicePrevention Proofing

It is much easier to prevent mice from gaining entry to your home than it is to get rid of them.

Here are Central Pest Control’s top tips to rodent proof your environment.


We recommend you seal any possible entry points for a rodent as they will gnaw these gaps and make them larger. These will be in areas such as in walls, ESB/ cable boxes, and gaps under your doors.

Roof Areas

Any roof damage should be repaired as mice can climb along gutters and pipes and can gain access to your home or workplace through gaps in the eaves.


Keeping garden areas and surroundings tidy is a must as leaves and vegetation provide ideal nesting spots for mice.

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