Tips on how to get rid of flies

Here are some of our tips for Fly Prevention and Treatments:

  • One of the most efficient methods at preventing a fly infestation is fly screen windows and screen doors. Wicklow Pest Control will measure and fit these screens to both doors and windows to prevent flies entering the premises when doors and windows are open.
  • Another very effective measure of treating a fly infestation is fly control units, electric or LED units – Wicklow Pest Control have all the latest technology.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and any food spills or crumbs cleaned up as this will attract flies.
  • Your kitchen bin should have a lid on it and be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Keep your compost and wheelie bins closed and cleaned.
  • Do not leave pet food laying around exposed, especially outside, as this will attract flies.

EFK – Electric Fly Killer For Flies pest control

These are electric fly killers which will be supplied by a professional, licensed pest controller.  We will also recommend the best location for best possible results in the attraction of these flying insects along with other flying insects. All of Wicklow Pest Controls EFKs have a unique feature and are designed to be of hygienic and meet all legal, health and safety requirements. Our units use a unique encapsulation technology or glue board unit to capture and kill the flying insects. EFKs are suitable for a wide range of environments. All fly control units should be serviced on a regular basis, shatter – proof tubes we recommended them to be changed every twelve months.

LED Fly Control Units

We in our industry have seen a big increase in LED Fly Control units, as it will keep down electric running costs and these units are also environmentally friendly.  Each Fly Control unit will have a sticky board to trap all flying insects. The new specification on a LED unit is that the bulbs will only need to be changed every three years, reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today for more information on which fly control measures are the right one for you, with both domestic and commercial units available.

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