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Black garden ants are not known for carrying any major diseases, however if you knew where they were you might think twi
Bed Bugs Pest Control
Bed bugs are not any of our ideal holiday souvenirs to bring home with us. However, they can travel with us very easily
Birds frequently nest in drain gutters, resulting in blockages that can cause flooding and water damage. Bird droppings
Booklice (Psocids)
Booklice can be a cream or light brown colour insect, with a bod as small as 1mm long. These fast-moving insects are att
Cockroaches infestation can be difficult to detect for homeowners and businesses. As they are nocturnal and spend their
Fleas are very similar to moths, especially the lifecycle as they start from an egg, then progress to larva (caterpillar
Pest flies can pose a health risk from humans to pets to livestock, through their spread of disease
Mice Pest Control
The house mouse is the common pest in urban environments, although field mice can also be a problem when temperatures dr
There are 2 types of clothes moths: The Common Clothes Moth and The Case Bearing Clothes Moth. These species have evolve
Rats Pest Control
Rats are small to medium-sized rodents which belong to the genus Rattus. They are highly adaptable and can be found in v
This insect gets its name from its silver colour and how it has similar shape and movement of that of a fish. Silverfish
Wasp nests are found typically in roof spaces, airbricks, cavity walls, garden sheds, trees and even in rockeries and fl

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