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The most common type of rat in Ireland is the Brown Rat (rattus-norvegicus) and can be found in the home or workplace

RatsTwo Different Types of Rats

In Ireland we deal with two different types of rats, brown and black. The brown rat is the most common rat we would deal with in Ireland. It has a heavy body and a tail shorter than its head and body. They eat more than the Black rat and will also prey on other animals. You can see a brown rat anywhere from a supermarket to a warehouse, public areas, and your home or working environment. The Black rat, also known as the ship rat, has a tail longer than its head and body with a slenderer body than the brown rat. Rats have strong senses of hearing, taste, and sense of smell but have very poor eyesight so they will establish a route. They will climb in search of or shelter and can sneak into your building from a hole less than half of an inch wide.

RatsRat Infestation

A rat infestation in your home poses a range of health problems. Rats need to continuously gnaw on things to stop their incisor teeth from overgrowing. They are known to gnaw through cables, insulation, and water pipes with their sharp teeth, which could lead to flooding and through food packaging in your home. Rats are also disease spreaders putting you and your family’s health at risk if they have invaded your home or business.

RatsCommon Diseases spread by Rats

  • Salmonella – this can be picked up by someone in your home or by your pet via rat droppings or from food being contaminated, causing gastric issues.
  • Rat-bite fever – rats can bite. If you have been bitten by a rat you could contract this disease, causing fever and chills. You do not have to be bitten by a rat to catch this disease, it can also be contracted through contact with rat urine or secretion.
  • Weil’s Disease – this disease is also contracted through the urine of a rat, causing flu like symptoms initially but can become more severe. Weil’s Disease can be fatal, seeking medical advice is highly recommended if you are experiencing these symptoms and have been in an area a rat has been.

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