How Do You Know You Have a Mouse in the House?

Although seeing a mouse in your home or workplace is the most obvious sign that you may have a mouse infestation, this can be less rare as mice are nocturnal. Here are the top signs of infestation:

  • Droppings – these will be seen in distinct piles or tracts along your floor or surfaces.
  • Holes – as mice’s teeth never stop growing, they are always chewing. You may notice that they have gnawed their way through holes in your insultation, food stored or more.
  • Grease Marks or urine trails – as rats and mice have poor sight, they will establish a common route in your home or work. This route is usually along walls and skirting boards. The marks left by mice are dark smears from the dirt and grease from their coat. Smear marks are an indicator you have some unwanted visitors.
  • Noises – as mice are great climbers and can gain entry easily, they may enter your home and take shelter in a roof void or loft. You may hear rodents scratching from above, particularly at night when your home is quiet and as mice are nocturnal. You may also be able to hear the noise of rats gnawing at cables, wires, insulation etc in your home.
  • Odour – if you are experiencing a musky, unwelcome smell in your home or workplace it may mean there are mice present. A mouse infestation will give off this odour whether there is live activity or carcase. If you are experiencing this musty odour in your home or workplace it is time to call the pest control experts.
  • Pets – interesting enough dogs will be disturbed if they smell or hear a mouse in the home. If you notice a change in your dog’s behaviour, especially at night when mice are more active, you may have an infestation of mice.


We do not advise you to rely on your household pet to keep the house rodent free, as their immune system is different to that of rodents and they may not be able to handle a disease that rats and mice may carry.


Rodent Control


One of our fully trained and licensed technicians will call out to your premises and inspect the area for rodent activity.

If rodent activity is present, we will then put down tamperproof bait stations with rodenticide in concealed areas, out of reach of children and pets. Bait stations are a highly effective way to control rodents. It is important to note that bait stations are not traps.


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