LED Fly Control Units

LED Fly Control Units

We in our industry have seen a big increase in LED Fly Control units, as it will keep down electric running costs and these units are also environmentally friendly.  Each Fly Control unit will have a sticky board to trap all flying insects. The new specification on a LED unit is that the bulbs will only need to be changed every three years, reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us today for more information on which fly control measures are the right one for you, with both domestic and commercial units available.

LED Technology Benefits

  • Superior fly catch performance
  • Improving good food safety
  • Reducing carbon emissions into the environment
  • Improved sustainable environment well being
  • Cost effective in reducing electric costs
  • Non-toxic mercury


Genus® FLI LED delivers superior fly catch performance along with increased savings on electric running costs. The unit provides flexible installation options such as horizontal, vertical, or corner mounting. It can also be placed as a free-standing unit.

Genus® Cobra LED utilises Translucent Technology™ to provide maximised UVA output along with easy servicing and low running costs

Contact a member of our staff today to discuss a suitable fly control unit in front or rear of your home. All our units are passed and approved.

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