How To Get Rid of Cockroaches

We at Wicklow Pest Control will set up monitoring bait stations and areas recommended for specialized gel treatments, also we can introduce a ULV treatment, which is very popular in dealing with crawling and flying insects like cockroaches, releasing a dry insecticide with our latest technology.

Due to how fast cockroaches breed, it is important to get a professional pest control company, with experience in dealing with all aspects of pest control to treat them.

Cockroaches over the last twenty years have become very difficult to treat, maintain and control as they have become more resistant to DIY pesticides and poor pest management. With thirty-six years of experience, you can be confident that Wicklow Pest Control will effectively control most common infestations, with all our fully trained expertise and equipment. Once we have treated your infestation, our trained staff will advise you on preventative measures to avoid a return of cockroaches in your home.

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