How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Like bedbugs, fleas can be challenging to treat and require a professional. Wicklow Pest Control will perform a risk assessment survey and dictate the level of your infestation, if we believe you have one. Set out below are five steps in helping you identify an infestation of biting insects.

1. Indoors

Housekeeping is priority. The removal of soft toys in a bedroom or play area, a build-up of clothes in wardrobes and from the floor area. Most insecticides will affect cold water and tropical fish in tanks, always read the material safety label on all products. Cover the fish tank and turn off the filter before the treatment. Remove pets from the area to be treated – return them only after the recommended advice from a professional.

2. Treat the pet(s)

Sought advice from your veterinarian. The use of soaps or shampoos may reduce the residual action of the treatment. However, we would always recommend a couple of treatments carried out by your vet.

3. Be patient

It is normal to see fleas for several weeks after several weeks after DIY treatment. Do not leave flea-infested areas undisturbed – movement hatches fleas.

4. Do not vacuum

Hoovering of the entire area of infestation should be avoided for a couple of days to allow the insecticides to work, as most insecticides are residual.

5. Leave your pet in the flea-infested areas

it will attract the fleas. If you remove your pet from the infested area, the fleas will continue to hatch for about six weeks with normal ‘human’ activity.

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