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There are 2 types of clothes moths: The Common Clothes Moth and The Case Bearing Clothes Moth. These species have evolved from bird nests and will only eat fibres like wool, fur, and feathers. They are attracted to clothes and carpets in undisturbed, dark areas and they love humid conditions.

MothsThe Common Clothes Moth

This is one of the most destructive and commonly encountered moths in homes and businesses. The average clothes moth has a wingspan of ½ an inch with a body 6-7mm long. Their eggs are oval, and an ivory colour and the larvae is a whitish colour with a brown head and are up to 10mm in length. Clothes moths avoid the light so you will find them hiding in dark areas of your clothing such as pockets and cuffs.

MothsThe Case Bearing Clothes Moth

This is another destructive species of moth found in your home and business. This moth is like the Common Clothes moth in body however what marks them apart is the Case Bearing Clothes moth has three spots on each of its wings, making it identifiable when comparing the two. This moth gets its name from the larvae spinning a silken cell around itself and carrying it as it is active and feeding.

MothsAre Moths a Pest?

Yes, but unlike most pests, moths do not cause a negative effect on your health as they do not spread diseases. However, they cause damage in other serious ways such as to carpets, furniture, and clothing, all found in your home. As clothing can be stored in wardrobes, drawers and even under beds for lengthy periods of time, they can easily become infested quickly with a moth’s larvae. The larvae of the moth will eat through natural fabrics such as wool or silk creating holes in them. As this damage is irreversible it has caused distress to many of people who have had irreplaceable and priceless items destroyed due to these clothes’ hungry pest, such as wedding dresses, historical pieces, or older possessions with meaning behind them, making this insect another unwanted visitor to your home. It is important to catch an infestation quickly before moths do their damage. If you have identified a moth infestation in your home, we recommend you call the pest control experts to prevent further damage to your beloved goods.

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