How To Get Rif Of Wasps

Do you think you have a wasps nest?

Here are the top things to look out for:

  • Swarm of Wasps – an obvious sign that you have a wasp infestation is seeing a swarm of wasps in a particular area. Wasps will fly back and forth to their nest to mind their young and feed their queen hence, noting their flight path and furthermore following it, will most likely lead you to the source of where their nest is. Wasps can often be seen coming and going through cracks in brickwork or gaps under eaves. Wasps like to make their nests in sheltered spots that have easy access to the outside.
  • Nest structure – muddy deposits or paper like material are both signs of a wasp’s nest. Different wasps build different types of nests, but they are still easy to spot. A wasp’s nest will increase in size very quickly. They will usually start off being the size of a golf ball but will grow into the size of a football or basketball. We would recommend not approaching the nest to avoid angering the wasps and putting you and your family in danger as wasps will get angry when they feel threatened and will sting you which could result in hospitalization.
  • Noise – if you are hearing buzzing sounds it may also be a sign there is a wasp’s nest nearby. Wasp’s nest can be heard if they have nested in your roofing. If you suspect you have a wasp’s nest, then close all windows and doors, keep children away from the nest, and avoid disturbing it.


How Wicklow Pest Control Can Help You

With our fully trained and insured staff and with over 36 years in the pest control industry, you are in safe hands with us here at Wicklow Pest Control. Wasps nest removal must be done in a professional and safe manner to avoid putting you or your family at risk of being stung by an angry swarm of wasps.

  1. Identify: First we will learn the location of the wasps nest whether it be indoor or outdoors. A lot of times wasps’ nest are in locations difficult to access which is why it is important to let the professionals deal with your problem.
  2. Treatment: Based on the type of wasps nest and colony we are dealing with, we will then decide with our customer on the best possible treatment plan to remove the nest efficiently and effectively.
  3. Prevention: Both us and our customer will want to prevent the wasps from returning into your home or workplace. We will give our customers our professional opinion on measures stops the problem recurring. This will help you for when the warmed months come around again the next year to be prepared.
  4. Proofing: Wicklow Pest Control can provide insect fly screens tailormade to suit windows and doors and will deny all flying insects easy access inside the property.
  5. Fly Control Units: Check out more on our website about the latest and safest technology in fly control units, with safety tubes and glue boards. We now also have a full range of economical LED fly units available, saving you money compared to the older style of electric fly units.
  6. Waspin Control: Whether you have a leisure or sport complex, or a matured garden at home, Wicklow Pest Control can supply, install and maintain a range of Waspin funnels, with a pheromone attractant, during the summer months.

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