How To Get Rid Of Moths

Moths Control

There are many harmless moths, and it is not unusual to see the odd moth in your home during summer months because they will enter via open doors and windows at night. However, if moths become a regular sight in your property, it might be time to call the pest control experts as you might have an infestation developing in your home and you will need to take immediate steps to identify and remove the source of the problem to protect your home from the damage they can inflict. Destruction from moths can continue to happen after moth larvae has been hatched and before your sighting of a flying moth in your home, considerable damage has most likely already happened to your belongings. You can put your trust in our hands at Wicklow Pest Control to help you with your moth pest control issues.

How Wicklow Pest Control Can Help

  • Inspection – our certified Technicians will inspect your property and make assessment reports for safe, targeted treatments. All treatments are child and pet friendly.
  • Treatment – our technicians will then analyse a treatment plan for best results for our customers
  • Control – our professionals will treat the affected area with a moth killer insecticide that will leave a powerful effect on the clothes moths and their larvae. We will also treat the affected wardrobes, furniture, walls, and curtains while ensuring that no insecticide will encounter your clothing
  • Monitoring – The Pest Control Technician will visit your premises after the treatment, if required, to make sure the problem is solved.


How Do I know if I have a Moth Infestation?

Although damage is the most obvious sign of infestation to our customers, it is not the earliest sign of an infestation. Here are some other signs.

  • Sightings – if you are seeing a moth in your home, you may have an infestation. Moths will usually be seen in corners of your home, on walls or near skirting boards.
  • Damage – The first sign of a moth infestation is when you notice damage to your clothes, furniture, carpets, and curtains.
  • Larvae – if you are noticing the larvae of a moth in your home it may be another sign of infestation. Their larvae are a whitish colour with a shiny appearance and have a brown head.

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