How To Get Rid Of Booklice (Psocids)

How to Prevent a Booklice Infestation

  • Good ventilation – as these pest thrive in damp areas, it is important to have good ventilation in your home and business
  • Open windows – especially in areas such as kitchens and bathroom to help with condensation as this is what causes mould, which booklice will then further feed on
  • Storage – we recommend you keep dry foodstuffs in a cool dry place to prevent infestation
  • Hygiene – keeping cupboards and presses clean and dry before putting food back in after being taken out


How to Get rid of Booklice

If you have been following our booklice pest prevention tips above and you are still finding problems with this nuisance pest, we at Wicklow Pest Control would recommend you call a professional pest controller to help with your problem.

One of our fully licensed service technicians will survey the areas of suspected infestation to identify the source and location where booklice may be hiding. We do not recommend DIY insecticide use as treatment, as those pest can be a difficult insect to control.

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