Pest Control Services in WicklowCommercial Pest Control

Wicklow Pest Control is a family run business. Customer satisfaction is a very important part in maintaining good customer communications. We get to know you and your business needs, to ensure we can provide a comprehensive budget friendly system. We have over thirty-six years of experience and have a customer portfolio across hospitality, retail facilities management, food processing, manufacturing, healthcare, and nursing home sectors, HSE and airlines and hangers’ properties. You can be assured that we will deliver a pest control programme to fit into your budget requirements to the highest standard.

Pest Control Services in WicklowDomestic Pest Control

When pests such as mice, bedbugs and cockroaches enter the home it can be a stressful, disturbing experience. As a professional pest control company, with over 36 years of experience, you can rely on WIcklow Pest Control to control and eradicate most infestations. Our fully trained, local service technicians will recommend the necessary approach in dealing with your pest control issues. Whether you have spotted early signs of a mouse infestation or noises in the wall, we would aim, with your help, to prevent any further problems with our discreet, professional approach.

professionalPest Control Services

Services Include Seasonal Pests – Rats & Mice, Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Moths, Silverfish, Flies, Wasps
Bird Wiring Solutions – Pigeon & Seagull Netting
EFK & LED Fly Control Units
Washroom Facility Services

Rats Pest Control
Rats are small to medium-sized rodents which belong to the genus Rattus. They are highly adaptable and can be found in v
Black garden ants are not known for carrying any major diseases, however if you knew where they were you might think twi
Bed Bugs Pest Control
Bed bugs are not any of our ideal holiday souvenirs to bring home with us. However, they can travel with us very easily
Birds frequently nest in drain gutters, resulting in blockages that can cause flooding and water damage. Bird droppings
Cockroaches infestation can be difficult to detect for homeowners and businesses. As they are nocturnal and spend their
Pest flies can pose a health risk from humans to pets to livestock, through their spread of disease

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If you wonder if we deal with a specific pest issue… then we probably do, so please ask us. We are there to help!

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We have over 36 years’ experience in the pest control industry, our qualified PMU and certified technicians are fully equipped to deal efficiently and expertly with all aspects of pest control in your home or workplace.

Over 36 years experience in the pest control industry
Qualified PMU and certified technicians
Competitive and highly personalized pest control service
Residential and commercial pest control, in compliance with the Health and Safety standards and the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine