Flying Insects

There are many types of flying insects that we come across during our working day at Wicklow Pest Control. Some of these flying insects include Wasps – nasty insects to deal with, we will always recommend getting professional help if you believe to have a wasp infestation, Beer Fly – commonly found in the hospitality sector, Fruit Fly – can be found in the home or retail units, Drain and Blow flies – all attracted to the smell of food from kitchens and food preparation areas.

We at Wicklow Pest Control will carry out a survey to identify the species of flies and locate their breeding sites. We would also recommend insect screens or screen doors to prevent flies from entering your premises, as this is the first line of defense in proofing.

In hospitality and catering kitchens, a visit from your local health inspector could rise with a closure order or a heavy fine if an infestation has been identified. Using the latest technology to manage your premises 24/7 and to save on running costs, we supply LED fly control units.

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