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Rats Pest Control

Cold snap sees Rodent activity on the rise for homeowners..

Wicklow Pest Control is a Local company servicing the Bray, Greystones, Delgany, and Kilcoole areas and beyond. Rats and Mice are on the Move all year round but particularly in the colder months we see more of them moving indoors for Food supply and Warmth.

As Winter is coming to an end you may be noticing Signs of Rodents in your Home or Business after they have made themselves comfortable in your property. As things have slowed down after the Christmas season you may be more aware of these Signs as Rats and Mice are not easy to spot as they are Nocturnal. However, they can still be seen during the day which would indicate you have a very Active Infestation.

Did you Know?

Rodents are Nocturnal meaning they are Active at Night. This is why you may not see a Rat or Mouse during the day in your home while still having a Rodent Infestation.

So, what are the Signs of Rodents?

  1. Droppings
  • The Most Common sign of a Rodent Infestation that you may see in your home or business is Droppings. You may see these Droppings in distinct Piles or Tracks as Rodents will make a Route that they will stick to and follow.

Wondering whether you have a Rat or a Mouse Infestation?

The Number of Droppings you are spotting. Mice will leave approximately 80 Droppings a night whereas Rats will leave around 40.

  1. Damage to your Property
  • This is when a Rodent Infestation is Dangerous. Rats and Mice will Gnaw their way through almost Anything as they have to keep their continuously Growing teeth filed down. They will Gnaw their way through Cables, Wood, Glass, and Pipes, causing Damage to your property such as Floods and Fires, costing Home and Business owners expenses and stress.
  1. Noises
  • Rats and Mice are Nocturnal creatures meaning they are very Active at Night. A sign you may have a Rodent Problem is that you are Hearing Noises at night. These could be Scratching noises in the Walls or from the Attic above you in bed at night. You may also be able to hear them filing their Teeth down by Gnawing on your furniture or through cables at night also.
  1. Pets
  • Your household dog may be giving you signs you have a Rodent Infestation. Is there a change in your pets’ Behaviour especially at night or are they turned off their Food? This may be a sign they are aware of the Rodent Activity in your home as dogs will be Disturbed if they Hear or Smell a Rodent in your home.

If you are experiencing any of these Signs you are most likely dealing with a Rodent Infestation which can escalate very quickly in Population in your home or business, as a female Rat can Reproduce every Six weeks. This means Two Rats can lead to 1,250 Rats in One single year. We recommend you Call the Professionals here at Wicklow Pest Control to talk to a member of our Fully Equipped, Trained team.

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