How to get rid of Ants

How to get rid of Ants

Although there are many different species of ants all over the world, in Ireland there are two most common ant species that we deal with, the Black Garden Ant and Pharaoh’s Ant.

Black Garden Ants

These ants are as their name suggests garden ants, they will live in grass, under stones and paving. These ants are usually associated with domestic sectors, nursing homes and hospitals. Black Garden Ants will be most present between March and September.

Control of infestation can only be achieved by the destruction of their nests which entails applying insecticide in and around the nest ensuring that a residual film of insecticide is present at important points such as doors, windows, ducts, and drains.

Pharaoh’s Ant

Pharaoh’s Ants are the builders of the ants. The control of Pharaoh’s ants is difficult due to their highly developed social structure and the inaccessibility of their nests. Wicklow Pest Control usually come across these in the commercial sectors, apartments, catering, hotels, and hospitality. Pharaoh’s ants also infest hospitals, feeding on blood, sterile and soiled dressings. They commonly chew on materials and packaging and can even bite children. Clearly, they pose a serious threat to health as vectors of pathogenic organisms. These ants favour a more protein and fat-based diet whereas Black Garden Ants have more of a sweet tooth.

‘Why do I have an Ant infestation?’

  • Environment: Properties and homes are the environment ants thrive in as they like a warm climate.
  • Supply: Leaving crumbs and open foodstuff on countertops or on the floor will attract ants into your property.
  • Housekeeping: Poor housekeeping such as dirty dishes left around and dirty bins with no lids will all attract ants.
  • Moisture: Ants like areas with access to moisture because of this, bathrooms may be a popular spot for ants to get comfortable in our home.

Keep Ants out of your home this Spring!

If you believe you have an ant infestation in your home or business, may it be a Pharaoh’s Ant or Black Garden Ant, we at Wicklow Pest Control would recommend you get a professional pest control provider to clear the infestation for you. Many people think seeing one ant and stepping on it may be the problem dealt with, but this is not the case. Usually by the time you are seeing an ant in your home or business, they have already located a food source and have notified their colony via chemical pheromone, which other ants will follow from the colony to the food.